About Us

At Silver Reflection, which is located in Toronto, Ontario, we do not just take photographs of you, or of your event. Our mission is to capture all the Special Moments of your event and put it all together to tell a story.

Warren Liebmann has over twenty years professional photography experience. Warren, along with his associates, combines the style of fashion photography with the authenticity of photojournalism to create an approach that is all our own. We strive to make pictures that are beautiful and fun, while also showing the personalities of our subjects, and telling the story of your special day.

Warren Liebemman began his interest in photography as a creative medium when at an early age he had considered himself lucky enough to be given a basic single lens reflex camera. His first subjects included people, wildlife and sports, which still remain some of his favorite subjects. Having grown up in South Africa gave him a wonderful opportunity to visit many game reserves to obtain the collection of wildlife images he now possesses. Although it was not his original intention to become a photographer, he soon discovered a growing love for photography. Understanding that our lives are truly limited, he also considers himself fortunate to be among those few who are able to choose a career they love.

His eclectic career has included work in the fields of advertising, fashion, portraiture, and wedding photography. In 1984 he completed a three year photography degree at Technikon Natal, located in Durban, the oldest and largest school of photography in the Republic of South Africa. Between 1989 and 1996 he held a full time lecturing post at the school where he took the opportunity to give back to his industry some of the opportunities that had been given to him.

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